By: Dan Oanta

Feb 13 2015

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The Only Movies From

The Sundance Film Festival You Need To Know About

We watched a lot in Park City, so you didn’t have to — and these are the films worth talking about.
By Adam B. Vary, Kate Aurthur, Kelley L. Carter, Jace Lacob, Louis Peitzman, Alison Willmore (BuzzFeed Staff)

Written by: Nikole Beckwith Directed by: Nikole Beckwith
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Cynthia Nixon, Jason Isaacs, David Warshofsky

In Beckwith’s directorial debut, Leia (Ronan) returns home after being kidnapped as a young girl, to live with parents (Nixon and Warshofsky) she does not remember in a world that feels alien to her.

Flashing back to her captivity, Leia recalls life in the basement she shared with her kidnapper, Ben (Isaacs), and how he told her the world had come to an end. In many ways, the frustrating Stockholm, Pennsylvania is the more dramatic counterpart to Netflix’s upcoming comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (about how a young woman, taken as a girl by a doomsday cult, reacts to life after being freed).

But this psychological drama becomes heavy-handed and operatic after a second-act twist entrenches it deeply in campy melodrama, which is a shame. The first half of the movie is fantastic, a searing tug-of-war between nature and nurture.

It’s a shame then that the movie unravels as it goes on, resulting in a cliffhanger ending that is so ham-fisted and cloying (I was one of multiple audience members who audibly groaned) that Leia might as well sky-write “THIS IS THE THEME OF THE FILM!”

in big looped letters. Ronan and Nixon push themselves to some dark places, but Stockholm, Pennsylvania’s frustrating ending has all of the subtlety of an anvil being dropped from a great height. —J.L.

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