By: Dan Oanta

Feb 11 2015

Category: Fără categorie

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34 Alternative Noodle Recipes That Pasta Fanatics Will Love

Noodles make whipping up a quick meal easy and tasty—they require virtually no Iron Chef America skills since it’s just boil water, cook pasta, drain, and add sauce. And they can adapt to any cuisine by simply changing the toppings.

But sometimes you want to give your body a break from all of that wheat or you’re looking for a lower-carb option—or simply a new option.
Of course there are zoodles, those fantastic zucchini noodles. But the summer squash isn’t the only produce you should put through a spiralizer.

We found 34 recipes using all kinds of vegetables, beans, and even fruit that are made into spaghetti, fettucine, ravioli, and more. Then they’re topped (or stuffed) with delicious sauces and extras. Whether hot, cold, crunchy, or creamy, you’ll never think of pasta the same way again.


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